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The ARC Social Prescribing model utilizes a Lay Patient Navigator who supports patients by finding local resources in their community. The ARC Navigation services are distinct from existing navigation services in the following ways:

1. Layperson
The ARC navigator is a bilingual, lay person with no clinical background. The navigator is trained specifically in patient-centered communication and navigation service delivery, and so they have a better knowledge of the context and existing resources.

2. Integrated into primary care practices
The ARC navigator is a member of the primary care team and promotes the integration of primary and community care by
(1) Improving continuity of information, and
(2) Proposing recommendations to community resources by enabling patients’ access to these resources.

3. Generalist
The ARC navigator supports a broad patient population (e.g., a general population not characterized by a specific cultural background or illness) and promotes access to resources that address a wide range of needs.

4. Supports access to community resources
The ARC navigator helps patients overcome barriers and links them to local and virtual services in addition to government support programs that promote health and social well-being.

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