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The aim of the ARC social prescribing program is to optimize equitable access to community resources and promote the integration of the primary care and community care sectors.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is a holistic approach that involves referring individuals to a range of non-clinical services in the community, supported by a patient navigator who enables individuals access the resources to improve their health and well-being.

ARC Model

Access to Resources In the Community (ARC) is a patient-centered Social Prescribing model integrated in primary care practices to support individuals address their health and social needs. The navigation services are centralized and service multiple practices. The model utilizes a Lay Patient Navigator who supports primary care patients overcome access barriers and make use of community and government resources.

Key Features 

Primary Care  Adaptations

Changes that are feasible and acceptable to providers

Single point of entry; broad population reach

The ARC navigation supports a broad patient population (not characterized by a specific cultural background or illness) and promotes access to resources for all health (non-medical) and social needs

ARC Navigator

A lay person with no clinical background, trained in navigator core competencies - patient-centered approach and navigation service delivery


Bilingual and delivers Active Offer


Support patient address barriers and access community resources

Promotes integration of primary care and community services thereby improving continuity of information

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