How Often Should Dive Cylinders Be Tested?

All cylinders designed to be used for Scuba Diving require Hydrostatic testing every 5 years with an incremental visual inspection every 2.5 years. Cylinders would therefore be tested every 2.5 years, alternating between a hydrostatic test & visual inspection.

What Is Oxygen Service & How Long Does It Last?

If a cylinder is to be used for Enriched Air (Nitrox), Trimix or Oxygen then it must be in Oxygen service. Oxygen cleaning ensures that cylinders are free from contaminants and are compatible with high pressure oxygen to reduce the risk of fire or explosion. An oxygen service currently lasts for 15 months. Please note that if you suspect that your cylinder may have become contaminated within that timeframe it is important that you have it re-cleaned.

How Can I Tell If My Cylinder Is In Test?

When a cylinder has been tested it must be stamped with the date it was tested and marked to indicate the date of the next test. The location of the stamp should be on the shoulder of the cylinder and would typically show the test station identity mark followed by the test year and month. This may be followed by the letter 'V' if the test was a visual inspection. The next test due date, can be marked in different ways, but typically this is shown on an adhesive label with the year and month of the next test punched out.


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