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Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing (SP) involves the identification of patients with unmet health and social needs in family practice, the engagement of these patients in acting on their needs, and the provision of navigation support to access the needed services. The ARC-SP initiative aims to improve equitable Access to Resources in the Community for primary care patients. We developed a SP toolkit and guides that are intended to assist organizations in implementing a SP program.

Social Prescribing Guides

Guide 1: Practice Set-Up

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This guide describes strategies and pathway for engaging primary care providers in SP, approaches to identifying patients with unmet health and social needs, optimizing patient engagement, and making referrals to patient navigation support.

Guide 2: Navigation Processes


ARC navigation services are delivered by a lay individual (trained) who provides navigation support to primary care practices by linking their patients to community resources. This guide describes the Navigation processes 

Guide 3: Navigator Training


ARC Navigator Training Guide is designed for Navigators to develop essential knowledge, skills and abilities to support primary care patients to overcome barriers to accessing community health and social resources.

Guide 4: Evaluation


ARC Evaluation guide is designed for Program managers to develop data capture and evaluation tools to assess the progress and impact of the SP program.

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